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Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc – The Manufacturer

Cart-away can trace their involvement in this market back to the late 1980’s, when the idea of a trailer mounted concrete mixer first became a reality. The design developed and improved and Cart-Away Concrete Trailers became the brand name in 1993. The business continued to thrive, becoming the premier brand of Concrete Mixer Trailers in North America, changing the name to Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc in 2004.

Now based in McMinnville, Oregon, USA,, the company has concentrated on designing and producing the world’s most innovative and durable “short-load” concrete equipment, including the innovative CUBE Concrete Mixer.

Polysafe Ltd – The European Representative

Polysafe is a pre-cast concrete and polymer company, producing high quality items to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.
The company was established in 1990, with the main products being linked to the rail network, predominately Level Crossing surfaces. These clearly require a high level of precision manufacture, as well as consistently meeting safety critical standards, to ensure a safe passage for both road and rail users. Polysafe continues to be the leading supplier of level crossing surfaces of this type.

The Polysafe Barriers and Blocks division supplies a wide range of concrete barriers, in both standard and bespoke sizes and shapes, bringing flexibility to a competitive market.

In addition to the above, the company has the capability to design and manufacture bespoke Precast concrete products in either small or large production runs.

Cart-Away and Polysafe

The Cart-Away concrete mixer trailer was seen by Polysafe on a trip to North America. Having not seen this innovative way of moving concrete in Europe, contact was made with Cart-Away.

It was quickly found that the two companies had similar values, providing high quality yet simple to use products to make customers’ lives as easy as possible. In addition the product range included the CUBE concrete mixer – again as yet not seen in Europe, but which was ideal for the European construction market and beyond.

Agreement was quickly reached, and Cart-Away were proud to appoint Polysafe as its sole European representative.

 all-in-one concrete mixer

 all-in-one concrete mixer


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