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Cement Mixer

Unlike other cement mixers, the CUBE is designed to be a cement mixer that can tackle the widest range of cement jobs, whilst reducing physical stress on operators and cutting out expensive waste.

It also stops the accepted practice of waiting around for the cement mixer lorry to deliver - or paying for it if it is standing there before you are ready for it.

How is the CUBE design different to other cement mixers?

CUBE cement mixer vs Belle cement mixer

  • Larger capacity - time and labour saving, more consistency of concrete mix
  • Loaded by the machine, not manually
  • Metered water
  • Hydraulic assist cement loader
  • Stable mixing platform

CUBE cement mixer vs ready mix lorry

  • Designed to be on site all the time, can be used when convenient, rather than ready mix company dictating your day
  • Not penalised for part loads - mix as little as required
  • Smaller capacity = less wastage - but can still mix 6 metres in around an hour

CUBE cement mixer vs Winget reversing drum mixers

  • Stable frame - no wheels to sink in mud
  • More protective safety guards
  • Designed to be lifted easily

CUBE cement mixer vs volumetric mixer

  • Designed to be on site all the time, can be used when convenient, rather than volumetric mixer company dictating your day
  • Easily transported to best place on site, not restricted to easy access only areas

CUBE cement mixer vs 6 or 8 metre reversing drum site mixer

  • On board conveyor belt loading system
  • Quick start and stop
  • Design to be moved easily around site rather than staying where its placed
Polysafe Concrete MIxers

Polysafe Concrete MIxers

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