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Concrete Mixer

The CUBE concrete mixer will save you time, hassle and money.

Our clever all-in-one concrete mixer, the CUBE, is now available in Europe. Popular for many years in the USA, this simple to operate concrete mixer allows you to mix as much concrete as you want, whenever you want it.

How the CUBE concrete mixer works

The CUBE is a reversible drum concrete mixer in a frame, with a built-in loading conveyor belt.

  • Simply load the conveyor on the top of the CUBE concrete mixer with your sand and gravel - the moving conveyor loads these into the drum.
  • Load your cement using the hydraulic bag breaker/ lift
  • Add water from the on-board water system
  • Use the simple controls to regulate the speed and to reverse the drum rotation, tilt the drum, and pour the mixed concrete into your waiting wheelbarrow, hopper or machine bucket.

Why use the CUBE concrete mixer instead of Belle concrete mixers or concrete deliveries?

  • 1.1 metre capacity means you can mix 6 metres of concrete (a standard lorry load) in around 1 hour.
  • No booking in, no waiting time fees, no part-load fees, no cancellation fees.
  • You - not the ready mix company - decide when you have your concrete
  • Sand and gravel conveyor that can be loaded by plant already on site, eg JCB, mini-digger or Bobcat
  • Hydraulic bag breaker for easy loading of cement
  • On board water system with digital water meter - no plumbing required, simply attach standard hose connector
  • Reversible drum - with a simple turn of a handle move from mixing concrete to discharging concrete
  • Easy to move around site - no wheels to get stuck in the mud, simply lift with forklift, telehandler or JCB

Typical Uses

  • Building footings - housing, commercial and industrial
  • Floor screeds
  • Self-build projects
  • Fence posting
  • Garden wall foundations
  • Signpost, mast and other structure footings
  • Reinforced Concrete pads
  • Road crash barrier footings
  • Mortar mixing
  • Landscaping projects
  • Pre cast concrete
  • Projects where small, regular amounts of concrete needed
  • Projects on hard to reach sites and/or where there are no local ready mix plant
Polysafe Concrete MIxers

Polysafe Concrete MIxers

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